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Staffing Solutions

Staffing Solutions

United Provides the best BIM and Cad Staffing Solutions to firms that needs additional Support for Ongoing projects or needs to implement BIM in your on-site / Off-site offices at very competitive prices.

United have the best, highly Skilled and Experienced Professional BIM Coordinators, Modelers and Engineers in all disciplines especially BIM Modelers expertise in Process Chemical System, Wastewater, Ultrapure Water, Gas system as well as MEP BIM Modeler, Electrical BIM Modeler, HVAC BIM Modeler, PHE BIM Modeler, BIM Content Creator, BIM Coordinators and Cad draftsman in all the Engineering discipline categorized from Lead to Junior level experienced ready to be deputed on site.

Join us – Together we work!

Sudden Tight Project Schedules and Commitments – Think of searching for the Perfect skilled resources ; Running out of Time ; hard to find a budgeted one ! – Our Staffing solutions will match and fulfill up your needs

  • Timely On-Boarding
  • Saving up your Cost on Hiring / Efforts on Training Staffs
  • Quick and Planned resource Backups
  • Flexibility on Timing and Shifts
  • Quality Services and Perfection to attain smooth outcome.
  • Best Matched BIM Profiles Suited to your Needs.
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