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Building Information Modeling Services

Building Information Modeling

We develop effective pre-construction solutions to utilize BIM Technologies for the creation and management of intelligent 3d BIM models leading to the design, construction, and operation of various facilities.

Our optimized solution helps you in all phases of the project life cycle by improving communication and collaboration between project stakeholders, reducing errors and reworks, and making better decisions about the project.

" Our good stream of successful project milestones in BIM services enhance the choice of leaders of construction industry professionals in semiconductor wafer fab manufacturing, pharmaceutical, solar cell fab, chemical, micro electronic industries, across Singapore, Malaysia, Middle East, and India."

Focusing on the delivering the wide range of services Covering

Building Information Modeling Services

3D Model Development
(LOD 200, 300, 350, 400, 500)

  • Process Piping – 3D Modelling
  • Tool Hookup – 3D Modelling
  • Civil Details – 3D Modelling
  • Mechanical – 3D Modelling
  • Electrical – 3D Modelling
  • Fire Protection – 3D Modelling
  • Plumbing - 3D Modelling

Space Management

  • Hierarchy Preparation for
    • Common Corridor
    • M&E Rooms
    • Supporting Rooms
    • Link Bridge
    • Common Pipe Rack
  • Clash Detection and Resolution
    • Cross Discipline Collaboration
    • Clash Reporting
  • Coordination Workflow

Smart Object / Library Modelling

  • Parametric / Lookup Table
  • Non-Parametric Family Creation
  • Process System
    • Wastewater / System Skid & Pump Skid
    • UPW / System Skid & Pump Skid
    • Chemical System / Manifold Boxes & Dispense Module etc..
    • Gas System / Gas Cabinet, Manifold Boxes & Vent Boxes etc..
    • Tanks & Platforms
  • 2D Catalog to 3D BIM Content / Libraries
  • Translating Solidworks Models in BIM Content

Construction Drawing / Shop Drawing

  • Process / MEP - Shop Drawings
    • CSD & Coordinated Plans,Sections & Isometric Drawings
    • Piping / Plans, Sections & Isometric Drawings
    • Mechanical / Plans, Sections & Isometric Drawings
    • Electrical / Plans, Sections & Isometric Drawings
    • Equipment Layout / Plan Drawings
    • Hangers / Support details
    • Legends and Notes

Quantity Take off

  • Budgetary Takeoffs
    • Analyze of Comparison Cost
  • Preliminary Takeoffs
    • Attaining Better Design based on Budgeting.
  • Preconstruction Takeoffs
    • Ensure Perfect Project Bid and Bid Validation

Touch Auto Transition to Back Side

  • 4D BIM / Project Scheduling
    • 3D BIM Model Conversion to 4D Sequencing Outputs
    • Forecast Completion and Milestone
    • Monitor and Track progress Activity
  • 5D BIM / Cost Estimation
    • 3D BIM Model Conversion to 5D Cost Planning
    • BOQ Preparation, Extraction and Order for Lean Construction

As-built Modelling / Scan to BIM

  • Real Data Capture
    • Capturing of Design Conflicts and Inconsistent Inputs changes raised / Changes on Sites
  • Point Cloud Modelling
    • Scanned formats (.rcp) to information-rich As-built 3D Model & 2D Drawings / Renovation or Reconstruction


  • Conversion of 2D / 3D AutoCAD drawings, PDF’s, Hand sketches, Single Line drawings to Revit 3D BIM

Facility Management

  • Asset Information Model
  • COBie Data Integration ( Construction Operations Building Information Exchange )

Digital Paradigm and Software

"Bridging the gap between design and actual construction through the adaptation of digital paradigm – Building Information Modeling. Our core Team expertise works on a wide range of software tools based on client’s requirements."

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